Research and Homework Page

Research and Homework Page

Here are links to sites the district has subscribed to that are great for research and information that might help you with school projects and reports. See Mrs. Smith or your classroom teacher for user names and passwords for these resources. 

*Northwest ISD is not responsible for content on external sites or servers.

Britannica School

Britannica is one of the most powerful online encyclopedias. It's been trusted for years, and the digital version is alive with amazing full-color photos and information. Students can explore a variety of information for research or their own enjoyment. It is a wonderful search tool.


Gale Resources

This is a great way to research for projects or just to learn something new. Type the subject that you'd like to know about in the white box and click "Sub". It will take you directly to the e-books about that subject. Choose the one you'd like to read, and click on its title.


You can also access GVRL through this link: