Walkers & Bike Riders
Students who walk or ride their bikes to and from school will be dismissed to the soccer fields or through the art hall. Students will not be dismissed through the front doors.

Buses & Daycares

All bus riders and daycares will be dismissed through the front doors of the school.

Car Riders

All students who will be car riders will exit the building with their designated grade levels. Students will stay in their grade level groups until their names are called and they go to the cone for pickup. Sibling groups will unite once their name is called. We understand that this is a change, but it is safest for students to stay with their grade levels so we can find them easier if needed. Please let your children know of this change.

Additionally, please be sure that school issued car tags are hanging from rearview mirrors. Car tags will be provided at Stop & Drop and during the 1st week of school. If possible, we ask that car seats that will be used by Lakeview students be on the passenger side of all vehicles. This will allow students to safely enter and leave your vehicles directly on the sidewalk. We will have teachers assist students into the cars, so that you do not have to get out of your vehicle.

We will load 8 cars at a time and once all 8 cars are loaded a teacher will then direct the traffic to move. Please do not begin driving until you are directed to do so by the teacher at the front of the line with the stop sign.