Kimberly Osowsky

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Kindergarten Class!

Room Number: 318

Classroom Telephone: 817-698-1948



Chances are if you are looking at my website you have a little one coming into Kindergarten.  Take a deep breath . . . he/she will LOVE it!  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 28a years and am always amazed at how much they learn, change and grow this first year of school.  It’s the light in their eyes when they “get it” that keeps me coming back for more!  My goal is to make Kindergarten a challenging, positive, FUN experience for all children.

A little about me:

  • I am a Navy brat and moved every 2-3 years as a child – so I know how hard it is to start somewhere new!  I’ve lived in Florida, the Azores, Maryland, Turkey, Germany, India and finally TEXAS!!  
  • I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Maryland -  College Park, MD.
  • I taught Kindergarten for 20 years in Austin, TX.  We relocated to the DFW area in 2012 for my  husband's (Neil) work.  I've been at Lakeview Elementary ever since!
  • We have a daughter, Leah,  and a couple of GIANT labradoodles! I'm sure you'll hear more about them this year!  We tell lots of stories!